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Tree Of Life

Our Tree of Life collection features hand-picked crystals from around the world, personally selected to reflect the diverse cultures, beliefs, traditions, and philosophies our company stands for. Each gem is thoughtfully selected to inspire your personal journey, whether that is into your home or out into the world. Let them guide you toward inner peace and help you focus on your passions.


Tiger Eye Gemstone Bonsai Tree


Hematite Gemstone Bonsai Tree


Sodalite Gemstone Bonsai Tree


Amethyst Gemstone Bonsai Tree

Shop Geode Gemstones Laterra Gems
Shop Tree of life Gemstones Laterra Gems
Buddha Head Metal Statue

Buddha Head Metal Statue

Amethyst on Wooden Base

Amethyst on Wooden Base

Citrine on Wooden Block

Citrine on Wooden Block

Agate Bookend Light Brown

Agate Bookend Light Brown


Laterra Gems home decor embodies the light and energy of crystals and gemstones. Nurturing and harmonizing, these beauties draw attention and inspire creativity. Their energies will awaken your senses pushing you to celebrate spirituality, mindfulness and co-creation. Experience home decor at its finest.

Shop Raw Gemstones Laterra Gems
Shop Gemstones Laterra Gems


Our crystal and gemstone jewelry will accentuate your energy and vibes by bringing together fashion and elegance. Offering healing and protection, you'll want to make these accessories a piece of your everyday magic. Protect yourself in style with your choice of beautiful crystal and gemstone jewelry only found at Laterra Gems.

7 Chakra Beads Lava Rock Single Bracelet

7 Chakra Beads Lava Rock
Single Bracelet

7 Chakra Beads Matte Onyx Bracelet

7 Chakra Beads Matte
Onyx Bracelet

Amethyst Slab Earrings

Amethyst Slab

Chakra Stones In Cage Pendant

Chakra Stones
In Cage Pendant

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Amazing Value

From unique birthstone jewelry to elegant statement pieces, Laterra Gems offers an inspiring gemstones, home decor, one-of-a-kind art, and much more! Our selection is extensive and distinctive.

Peace of Mind

Knowing there is a piece of the Universe giving
you protection can be great comfort in times of stress,
 whatever shape or form it takes.

Inspiring Assortment

Discover a world of beautiful gemstones, Laterra Gems is committed to providing you fabulous quality gemstones at extremely affordable prices!

Benefits of Birthstones

Birthstones are an incredibly fun way to become introduced and connected with the world of gemstones and crystals. Each birthstone has its own unique secrets, lore, and characteristics that are backed by generations of myths, legends, and tales that connect the gemstones to the month of the year that an individual was born on.

This can be a fun way to be introduced to gemstones! Birthstones can also make very personal and thoughtful gifts for loved ones in your life! Learn more about which birthstones correspond according to each month of the year!


Which Birthstones Match Your Zodiac Sign ?

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