Gemstone Points
Polychrome Jasper Flame Point
Polychrome Jasper Flame Point is a stunning stone that changes colors depending on the angle, light, and even its own natural warmth from your hand. The Flame Point comes in shades of orange, yellow, red, and brown. A warm and...
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Obelisk Pyrite Point
The Obelisk Pyrite Point will add an exceptional, eye-catching finishing touch to any home decor. This uniquely cut stone of deep yellow, golden brown, and rich colors is a natural creation of Mother Nature's formation of pyrite (fool's gold) over...
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Amethyst Polished Point
This lovely Amethyst Geode point is polished and ready to display. Amethyst, also known as "Violet Quartz" is a highly valued variety of quartz. A point of amethyst strengthens and purifies the physical, psychic, and empathic bodies of its holder....
from $59.99
Golden Healer Tall Point
The golden healer is a stone of destiny. It integrates the mind with the heart. This golden healer gemstone cleanses emotional wounds, helps overcome emotional distress, and is good for balancing.
from $24.99
Amethyst Point Root
Known for deeply calming properties, amethyst root opens the third eye with physical cooling properties to calm angry temperaments, grows empathy via alignment of heart with head, and assists in sleep.
from $24.99
Obelisk Green Quartz Point
Green quartz points are believed to sparkle good fortune and wealth. Finely polished, this stone comes beautifully intricate so you can display its beauty in your home. With vibrant green color and fine cuts, it makes the perfect gift for...
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Obsidian Point
from $129.99
Obsidian Point
Obsidian points are polished, faceted hand-carved gemstones. Black in color, Obsidian is beautiful and powerful. It has been used since ancient times as a tool for healing and protection.
from $129.99
Selenite Point Generator
Selenite is an excellent stone for meditation, allowing you to go deeper into your subconscious mind and access information. Selenite will heighten and bring clarity to any situation or circumstance it is working with. It can assist in healing and...
Rainbow Titanium Geode Point
Rainbow titanium geodes aren't only beautiful, they're extremely healing as well. Amethyst has an ancient and powerful ability to remove anxiety and other negative emotions. If you carry it or keep it around the home.
from $39.99
Rose Quartz Point
Rose Quartz Points are great for energy and can be used to clear and balance a room. They can be placed in the center of your bed or in your computer/work room to keep it clear of unwanted energy.
from $44.99
Crystal Quartz Point on Metal Base
Our Crystal Quartz Point will add a touch of class and elegance to your space. Each crystal is different and unique and shows its own energy and healing properties. Crystals can help align your chakras and maintain a flow of...
Smoky Quartz Point
Smoky Quartz Points are powerful aids in psychic development and are often used to facilitate astral travel. Smoky Quartz can activate both the Root and Heart Chakras. It is a grounding stone, providing an anchor to the physical when the...
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Pink Amethyst Point
Pink amethyst points have highly attractive energy. Pink Amethyst is a stone of unconditional love, a connection to universal energy, and a reminder that we are never alone. Placing by your bedside can help one to feel more spiritually connected...
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Sodalite Tall Point
This sodalite point is a lovely deep blue with hints of purple under bright light. Sodalite is calming to the nervous system, eases stress, soothes headaches, promotes restful sleep, and dissolves negative energy. A must-have for every crystal collection.
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Lepidolite Point
Lepidolite Point is a beautiful crystal for home decor, is best known as a stone of transition. A gentle stone that works slowly to bring the mental, emotional, physical, and etheric bodies into alignment with each other. Lepidolite is particularly...
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Fluorite Tall Point
This Fluorite Point is the perfect home decor piece, considered an excellent grounding and protection stone, blocking negative energies from entering one's auric field. It also protects against negative energy before it can affect the auric field or the physical...
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Fluorite Tall Lavender Point
Lavender Fluorite is a stone of tranquility and meditation that encourages exploring deeper realms of perception. A calming and soothing stone, Lavender Fluorite helps to slow the heart rate, reduce stress and relieve tension. Perfect decor for any space.
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Bi-Color Jasper Point
The Jasper point strengthens the root, stimulating one to have greater endurance in life -- purpose, balance, stability, and equilibrium.
from $24.99
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