Raw Gemstones
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Agate On Wooden Stand
This lovely polished agate stone has been set in a beautifully carved wooden base. It is resting on a durable wooden stand to elevate it and can be displayed anywhere in your home. Perfect for any collector or enthusiast, this...
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Citrine on Wooden Block
The energy of the citrine crystal is a purifier. It is said to remove negative energies from space or from an individual. In particular, it is said that if you keep a piece of citrine close, it may help remove...
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Selenite Raw Stick
Holding or meditating with Selenite can help point out things that need to be taken care of in the present moment. It will also aid you to see where you have been holding onto old wounds and emotions, so you...
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Pyrite Raw Cluster Stone
Pyrite is beautiful and powerful protection stone that shields and protects against all forms of negativity and/or energy, working on the physical and emotional levels.
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