Rough Gemstones
Smoky Quartz Rough Stone
Smoky Quartz Rough Stone is a wonderful new addition to our collection. It presents itself with a great variety of colors! This stone has many magical healing properties. It can help relieve financial problems it can also boost your self-esteem.
from $29.99
Tiger Eye Rough Candle Holder
Bold, sensual, and powerful, Tiger’s Eye is a gorgeous gemstone that attracts success and prosperity. Our tealight candle holder is a stunning piece and great addition to any room.
Rose Quartz Rough Candle Holder
Shimmer and shine with this Rose Quartz candle holder, made for keeping and filling your home with love and joy.
from $44.99
Intention Rough Gemstone Set
Our "Intention" Rough Gemstone Set holds pieces of gorgeous crystals. The gemstones correspond with various intentions, allowing you to use a reminder of your healing work at any time.
Rainbow Titanium Geode Rough Stone
Rainbow titanium geodes aren't only beautiful, they're extremely healing as well. It has ancient and powerful ability to remove anxiety and other negative emotions. If you carry it or keep it around the home.
from $199.99
Red Jasper Rough Candle Holder
The energy of Jasper helps to bring useful insights into a view that can help you move toward your goals, or understand why you need to change. Our tealight candle holder is a stunning piece and great addition to any room. 
Lepidolite Rough Candle Holder
The journey starts within. Relax and enjoy the calming energies of this Lepidolite Tealight Candle Holder. Simply allow it to shine a light on your spiritual journey.
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