Soapstone Owl Statue

Soothe stress and restore energy to your home with this charming Soapstone Owl Statue. He brings luck, knowledge, and health during your day, or he can guard your sleep at night. Crafted of soapstone this wonderfully detailed sculpture will be treasured for generations.
Size :
Weight: 5.4 oz | Depth: 1.45 in | Width: 1.65 in | Height: 3.1 in
Weight: 3.11 lb | Depth: 3.35 in | Width: 2.9 in | Height: 6.8 in

Please note that visual representation of our gemstone products, such as colors or sizes may appear a little different than displayed, because each of our natural gemstones are unique!
Soapstone Gemstone

Soapstone absorbs pollutants in our environment and helps in reducing body odor due to its non-porous properties, detoxifying the body and mind.

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