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Elephant Soapstone Statue
Our Soapstone Elephant Statue is a true work of art, meticulously hand-carved from beautiful soapstone. This sculpture will look great as a focal point in your garden, home decor, or even as a thoughtful gift for that special person.
from $39.99
Soapstone Pyramid Unpolished
Soapstone pyramids are one of the best harmonizers of living and working spaces by neutralizing the negative energy of conflicts, fatigue, and work tension. Regular exposure to the pyramid increases immunity and improves mood. Perfect piece for your home or...
from $29.99
Sold Out
Soapstone Penguin Statue
This adorable Soapstone Penguin Statue features a penguin that is beautifully carved with realistic detailing that brings this penguin to life, while providing charm and warmth to any environment. Enjoy this captivating piece of art!
from $19.99
Sold Out
Soapstone Horse Statue
Add a little bit of country charm to your home decor with this delightful statue of a horse. Made from hand-carved soapstone, this sculpture features a solid design created to be a lifetime keepsake that brings beauty and meaning to...
from $39.99
Soapstone Owl Statue
Soothe stress and restore energy to your home with this charming Soapstone Owl Statue. He brings luck, knowledge, and health during your day, or he can guard your sleep at night. Crafted of soapstone this wonderfully detailed sculpture will be...
from $39.99
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