Smoky Quartz Point

Smoky Quartz Points are powerful aids in psychic development and are often used to facilitate astral travel. Smoky Quartz can activate both the Root and Heart Chakras. It is a grounding stone, providing an anchor to the physical when the astral projection is undertaken.
Size :
Weight: 2.3 oz | Depth: 0.9 in | Width: 1.2 in | Height: 2.4 in
Weight: 2.6 oz | Depth: 0.85 in | Width: 1.1 in | Height: 2.85 in
Weight: 4.8 oz | Depth: 1.3 in | Width: 1.6 in | Height: 2.6 in

Please note that visual representation of our gemstone products, such as colors or sizes may appear a little different than displayed, because each of our natural gemstones are unique!
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