Shungite Buddha Statue

A Shungite Buddha statue is a unique piece of art that expresses a deep conviction in universal peace and harmony. Supplicating the deities, the Shungite Buddha statue requires a respectful environment in order to be displayed. This allows for prolonged meditation, also makes the perfect home decor piece.
Size :
Weight: 5.5 lb | Depth: 6.4 in | Width: 8.5 in | Height: 11 in

Please note that visual representation of our gemstone products, such as colors or sizes may appear a little different than displayed, because each of our natural gemstones are unique!
Buddha Gemstone

Buddha teaches you to let go of the illusion that things can provide lasting satisfaction. Work with your mind to get real satisfaction from who you are and what you do.

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Shungite Gemstone

Shungite can cleanse and purify the skin and body as well as protecting from negative energies as it is believed to strengthen our aura.

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