Tiger Eye Laterra Gems Collection
Tiger Eye Bonsai Tree
With our Tiger Eye Tree, you can finally get in touch with the real you. It will help you fix your frustrations and build confidence in yourself.
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Tiger Eye Pendant w/Black Stainless Steel Necklace
Our Tiger Eye Pendant with a Black Stainless Steel Necklace is simply stunning. The Tiger Eye is a stone of protection that enhances courage and strength while preventing anger and hostility.
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Tiger Eye Double Franco Chain Bracelet
Our Tiger Eye Double Franco Chain Bracelet is made of tiger's eye stone and sterling silver. Tiger Eye is a very grounding crystal that brings clarity to life and helps you to see what is hidden in plain sight. Tiger's...
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Tiger Eye Perfume Bottle Pendant
Add a little sparkle to your look with this Tiger Eye perfume bottle necklace! Creating a fun and feminine piece that will look terrific with any outfit. Perfect for keeping your essential oils close!
7 Chakra Beads Tiger Eye Rock Single Bracelet
A chakra bracelet is a means to restore balance and harmony within yourself. It also offers protection from negativity. Each gemstone has been carefully selected for its ability to raise consciousness and energize multiple energy centers in the body, or...
Tiger Eye Bracelet with Geometric Shape
This bracelet is a favorite. Enjoy the sight, feel, and energy of genuine tiger eye gemstones in a stunning array of colors. Tiger's Eye is a protective stone, helps to deflect negative energies. Its balancing effect brings mental clarity and...
Tiger Eye Bracelet with Gold Anchor
A Tiger's Eye blend bracelet with a gold anchor charm to usher in good luck and prosperity. Let this be a reminder that you sail to success and enjoy your journey.
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Laterra Gemstone Water Bottle - Taurus
Transform your daily hydration into a daily ritual with our Gem Infused Water bottles. Each design is specially hand-picked and selected based on each gemstone’s zodiac sign. The Taurus birthstone is Tiger Eye. Taurus personalities have a desire for extravagance,...
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