Amethyst on Wooden Base
Perfect decor to display anywhere! and feel the benefits of Amethyst, helping you with powerful healing energies of the earth to ease inharmonious vibrations and bring about a sense of well-being.
from $149.99
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Citrine on Wooden Block
The energy of the citrine crystal is a purifier. It is said to remove negative energies from space or from an individual. In particular, it is said that if you keep a piece of citrine close, it may help remove...
from $149.99
Agate Bookend - Light Brown
This set of agate gemstone bookends will set a serene and artistic tone to any bookshelf, with its thoughtful design and vibrant coloring.
Sold Out
Buddha Head Metal Statue
This buddha head metal statue is the perfect accent tabletop for any living room, office, or home decor. The stunning buddha head is dusted with gold finishes that allow this beautiful piece to stand out no matter where you place...
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