Gemstone Hearts
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Amethyst Gemstone Heart
Crystal hearts are deeply connected to the Heart Chakra. A heart-shaped amethyst is an amplifier of compassion and love and opens the heart to unconditional love and spiritual growth.
Selenite Angel Wings Heart Stone
Serenity and tranquility call to you with this selenite angel wings heart stone. These calming crystals are naturally translucent. Discover the power of healing and enlightenment
Lepidolite Heart Stone
This heart-shaped Lepidolite stone is known for its deep healing properties, which can bring you comfort and help you to tap into your compassion. Lepidolite is a high vibration stone that connects the heart chakra to higher dimensions, opening channels...
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Ocean Jasper Heart Stone
Love is the currency of the universe, and Ocean Jasper makes even the hardest heart soft to the touch. Made with organic ocean jasper stone, this beautiful piece is meant to complement any setting.
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Jasper Heart Stone
Jasper heart stone has a long history of being used as a stone to enhance love. It is a calming, peaceful, and reassuring gemstone that instills deep inner peace and encourages happiness, self-confidence, and emotional strength.
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Agate Heart Stone
A stone of harmony, Agate promotes balance and harmonious vibrations while healing emotional wounds. It can encourage acceptance of one’s self and others while bringing you to an appreciation of their own unique qualities.
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Orange Calcite Heart Stone
Orange Calcite heart stone is a stone of creativity, that helps you get in touch with yourself, and can also help attract new creative projects into your life.
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Pyrite Heart Stone
Pyrite heart stone is a beautiful and powerful protection stone that shields and protects against all forms of negativity and/or energy, working on the physical and emotional levels.
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Red Quartz Heart Stone
A stone of the heart! Let this stone of heart open your heart chakra, remove negative energies, and help you manifest your dreams.
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Tourmaline Heart Stone
Tourmaline works to block negativity from all directions. It is the stone of purification, absorbing all types of energies and then releasing them into the universe. Keep this beautiful heart close to you and allow the positivity to come in!...
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Aquamarine Heart Stone
Aquamarine is an extremely soothing stone, excellent for calming emotions, especially anger. It cools heated situations and helps reduce stress or irritability. It is also effective in releasing resentful feelings.
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Amazonite Heart Stone
Amazonite is a unique blue-green stone that naturally forms in the shape of hearts. Each stone varies from one another in color and pattern making them truly unique treasures. Amazonite is said to open your heart to seeing love in...
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Hematite Heart Crystal
Hematite heart crystal, take it with you on the go! great for anyone who is looking to feel safer and more secure. Each stone is unique and totally one-of-a-kind!
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Green Quartz Heart Stone
A powerful healing stone, Green Quartz heart stone connects, grounds, and strengthens yourself. It is a stone of clarity that stimulates the heart center. It is a Master Healing Crystal designed for healing on all levels.
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Blue Quartz Heart Stone
This heart stone displays all-natural patterns and gorgeous tones of blue. Like all quartz, Blue Quartz is considered to be a cleansing and healing crystal.
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Rose Quartz Heart Stone
This polished Rose Quartz heart stone helps to support your spiritual energy and assists you with opening up your self-love and appreciation for yourself.
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Amethyst Heart Stone
Crystal hearts are deeply connected to the Heart Chakra. A heart-shaped amethyst is an amplifier of compassion and love and opens the heart to unconditional love and spiritual growth.
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