Ocean Jasper Bowl
This Ocean Jasper bowl is an elegant home accent to dress up your coffee table, bathroom, or kitchen. Made of hand-formed and polished ocean jasper stone, it features an organic shape and matte finish.
from $59.99
Onyx Gemstone Bowl
The Onyx Gemstone Bowl is the perfect home table accessory for displaying fruit or any decor on the dining room table or kitchen countertop. Onyx gemstones add a touch of luxury to any kitchen.
from $59.99
Singing Bowl Healing Sound- Metal
The Singing Bowl-Healing Sound Metal is a marvelous singing bowl with 81 tones of healing tones. It can be played to accompany meditations, travel, or simply to create soothing sounds for stress reduction.
from $39.99
Pink Amethyst Bowl
Delight in the warm, beautiful pink color of this elegantly styled Amethyst gemstone bowl. This stunning bowl is the perfect accent piece to any home décor. Made of quality gemstones, it will seamlessly blend into any environment, ensuring that this...
Sold Out
Agate Platter
Discover your inner beauty with our decorative agate gemstone platter. Show off your home and share your taste for a simple, modern, contemporary and chic design.
Sold Out
Selenite Bowl
This beautifully carved Selenite bowl is a perfect gift for crystal collectors and crystal workers. Selenite can give a quick recharge to your favorite stones. You just need to place them in the Selenite bowl. It will infuse your crystals...
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