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Amazonite Stone Pendant
Amazonite is a stone of inspiration and creativity. This amazonite gemstone pendant has a beautiful blue-green color and lucullan translucence. This stone is also perfect for wearing by itself as it adds an elegant look to any outfit.
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Amazonite Gold Plated Bracelet
Our Amazonite bracelet is the perfect piece for this season. With its rich collection of semi-precious gemstones combined with 18k gold plating, this bracelet will be your new favorite accessory.
Amazonite on Wooden Base
The amazonite gemstone is a shining example of a rare stone. The perfect gemstone for the home decor lover. The blending of blue, green makes a gorgeous display. The swirling patterns make this a breathtaking piece.
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Amazonite Heart Stone
Amazonite is a unique blue-green stone that naturally forms in the shape of hearts. Each stone varies from one another in color and pattern making them truly unique treasures. Amazonite is said to open your heart to seeing love in...
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