Sodalite Laterra Gems Collection
Sodalite Gold Plated Earrings
The meticulous design of these masterfully crafted earrings creates an image of elegance and style. Adorned with two brilliant-cut sodalite gemstones, these 18k gold plated earrings make a beautiful addition to any earring collection.
Sodalite Stone Pendant
If you are looking to treat yourself or a loved one to a beautiful piece of jewelry, what could be better than this gorgeous purple Sodalite stone. This stunning gem will make a dazzling addition to any jewelry collection. Sodalite...
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Laterra Gemstone Water Bottle - Scorpio
Transform your daily hydration into a daily ritual with our Gem Infused Water bottles. Each design is specially hand-picked and selected based on each gemstone’s zodiac sign. The Scorpio birthstone is Sodalite Mineral. Scorpios are extremely deep and emotional people...
Sodalite on Wooden Block
Sodalite is one of the most delicately beautiful blue gems. Somber and serene, it has a deeply spiritual bearing that can help you meet your highest aspirations. The gem reflects the color of the sky at dusk, creating an almost...
Sodalite Keychain
The Sodalite Keychain is a beautiful piece that features a gorgeous blue-grey and white design and is made from natural sodalite gemstones. The gemstones, perfect to take with you as a reminder of one's spiritual nature and connection with the...
Sodalite Bonsai Tree
Sodalite is used for calming, centering and balancing. It helps you connect with your higher self, your spiritual teachers and guides to help you find the answers that are hidden within.
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Sodalite Tall Point
This sodalite point is a lovely deep blue with hints of purple under bright light. Sodalite is calming to the nervous system, eases stress, soothes headaches, promotes restful sleep, and dissolves negative energy. A must-have for every crystal collection.
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