Amazonite Heart Stone

Amazonite is a unique blue-green stone that naturally forms in the shape of hearts. Each stone varies from one another in color and pattern making them truly unique treasures. Amazonite is said to open your heart to seeing love in all things, and it's a wonderful crystal for manifesting a soul-mate.
Size :
Weight: 2.4 oz | Depth: 0.8 in | Width: 2.3 in | Height: 1.9 in
Weight: 4.4 oz | Depth: 0.9 in | Width: 2.8 in | Height: 2.4 in

Please note that visual representation of our gemstone products, such as colors or sizes may appear a little different than displayed, because each of our natural gemstones are unique!
Amazonite Gemstone

Amazonite brings healing energies of protection, courage and calmness to the wearer. It is considered a stone of prosperity by providing support.

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