Amethyst Bonsai Tree
Our Amethyst Gemstone Bonsai Tree represents defense against stress and other negativity, it will bring you peace and prosperity for many years to come.
from $59.99
Chakra Bonsai Tree
This beautiful seven featured stone chakra bonsai tree brings clarity, purity, potency to your intention through the medium of cosmic energy. Wishing you good luck and prosperity.
from $59.99
Tiger Eye Bonsai Tree
With our Tiger Eye Tree, you can finally get in touch with the real you. It will help you fix your frustrations and build confidence in yourself.
from $59.99
Sodalite Bonsai Tree
Sodalite is used for calming, centering and balancing. It helps you connect with your higher self, your spiritual teachers and guides to help you find the answers that are hidden within.
from $59.99
Hematite Bonsai Tree
Developed with the powerful benefit of hematite, this tree accent has the beneficial ability to improve focus, concentration, comprehension and creativity.
from $59.99
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