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Crystal Quartz Stone Pendant
This clear Quartz pendant is from the heart of the earth, It is a symbol of protection against negativity and does not absorb any energy of its own. Quartz stones are usually used for healing, channeling, and meditation.
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Crystal Quartz Hand Carved Eagle Head
This Crystal Quartz hand-carved Eagle Head is truly unique. Eagles are a symbol of freedom and power and will make a great gift for your special someone. A one-of-a-kind piece of art.
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Crystal Quartz Hand Carved Skull Statue
This hand carved skull made of crystal quartz is both frightening and fascinating at the same time. The sculpture includes gorgeous details and superb craftsmanship throughout, making it a wonderful addition to any home or office.
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Clear Quartz Gemstone Sphere
This Beautiful piece is carefully hand-cut and polished. Its charming color, brilliance, and unique shape make this piece of Clear Quartz a must-have for your collection.
Clear Quartz Tree in Gold Plated Pot
This clear quartz tree is a genuine handcrafted piece of nature and the best energy generator in the world. It immediately attracts and accumulates all the positive energies into itself via its gold-plated pot and then transfers these energies to...
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Clear Quartz Star on Acrylic Stand
This Clear Quartz Star is on an acrylic stand to accent your home or office decor. A beautiful accent piece, the clear quartz is shaped like a pointed star. The translucent layers of this piece allow light to shine through...
Crystal Quartz Rough Candle Holder
This calming crystal quartz candleholder will fill your room with its natural calming energies and disperse impressions of peace and harmony.
Crystal Quartz on Wooden Block
A beautiful crystal quartz gemstone that produces a multi-dimensional glow and has the power to enhance the energy of your surroundings. Crystal quartz always elevate home decor and its powerful energy is said to protect you from negative energies that...
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